Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Model No.1....what we have learned

Now that model No.1 is done and on the road (bar some minor tweaking) what have we learned and how will that inform our process going forward?
1) It works....our plywood & epoxy concept is entirely viable as a way of constructing a bicycle from the point of view of weight, rigidity & resilience.
2) It is incredibly labor intensive even with CNC machining.
3) We are still lacking in ultimate strength & rigidity as witnessed when I rode with Jeff on the front......but not by much. We are closer than we expected.
4) I would rather gnaw my leg off than pull fillets.
5) Jeff & I have achieved a high level of synergy in our collective efforts.
6) We need to get better manipulating metal.
7) We need to figure out how to ensure proper alignment of the frame.
8) The current prototype, even with butt ugly franken-steering and boat anchor bmx handlebars, still weighs only 49lbs which is about 4lbs lighter than a Harry vs. Larry Bullitt (currently the worlds lightest production Bakfiets style cargo bicycle).

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