Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tribute to the Plate Crown Fork.......a blog

While I was researching bicycle frame components the other day I stumbled on the ultimate bicycle geek site, Tribute to the Plate Crown Fork, from which I shamelessly lifted the above image. For the uninitiated a fork crown is the bit of the forks that connects the fork legs to the steerer. In quality steel bike this is often an investment cast lug into which the legs & steerer are inserted and braised with either brass or silver. An alternative method of connecting the parts is by constructing a plate crown which consists of two or more thick steel plates. They are drilled to accept the legs and steerer. They are chosen for a variety of reasons to do with cost (it's cheaper to make) or austerity and even superior strength. Some people just think they look better and I have to agree. There is something satisfyingly rugged about a plate crown fork and I guess the author of this blog agrees. Of course, this is not for everyone.......I mean you have to be really into bicycles and particularly vintage steel bicycles to give a rats ass about investment cast fork crowns versus plate crown forks.

The picture above shows an Ephgrave (legendary English bicycle brand) plate crown fork on a delicious road/track frame probably from the late fifties or early sixties. Obviously not the original paint job but a studious restoration nonetheless. Makes me almost tear up to behold such sublime craftsmanship...............

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