Monday, September 12, 2011

All nighter........

So, yes, we are still here and we are still fighting the deadline. But last night (like all of last night) we made mighty progress. The bike frame is eighty percent constructed. Just the rear stays, drop outs, top caps and the the underside cover remain. 14 hours straight of cutting, sanding, fitting, gluing & pinning and, yes, pulling fillets. Eventually crawled home at 4.00am. Many thanks to B who agreed to cut our drop outs (the aluminum parts) on his totally awesome water jet cutter. When the aluminum and pocketed bamboo parts came together the join was almost seamless. A few passes through Jeff's monster sander and you could hardly feel where one material ended and the other began. Also thanks to N for hooking us up with a seat post tube. The components are slowly coming together too although finding a matching tread/brand tire in 20" and 26" (and in stock) is proving a challenge. I might have to settle for a pair of Kenda Kwest tires (easily available but hardly top drawer). I figure if we can complete the frame by Sunday we are in good shape. That still gives us two to three days for filling, cleaning & sanding and hanging the components with a day free for testing and tweaking. It's tight but I think we can do it.

Also I will not be posting any images until after the event in part because I don't have time but also to keep some of the mystery.

Time for a nap........


  1. Primo comet tires are available in both of those sizes. I've used them on several bikes have been very pleased with them.

    Purchased online at

  2. Edit: that site doesn't stock the 26" but google shows several that do. Good luck...

  3. Nick,

    Thanks for the info.......tracked some down and also a 32 hole BMX rim (also hard to find) from Universal Cycles who happen to have a retail presence here in town thus saving a butt load on shipping!